Sunday, April 18


I was thinking tonight about robbing a bowling alley. It would be such an unusual place for a large scale robbery similar to the coffee shop in pulp fiction. I think a bowling alley would be even better because they are not usually located in a centralized place and don't have too many windows. Also there is generally just one small entrance, so the people would be pretty much trapped inside.

A partner and I would walk in with our bowling bags and slip on black masks as we entered the building and let a shot out to grab everyones attention. The only sound would be one or two balls still rolling down the alley but other than that I think everyone would be pretty shocked. Hands in the air and the usual deal, telling them no one would be hurt if everyone cooperated. Making sure people had their hands in the air would be key because of cell phones these days..wouldn't want a John Wayne trying to be a hero or anything. I would choose a random person to go around filling our empty bowling ball bags with money, jewelery, watches etc.

One issue would be if someone tried to come into the alley while we were conducting business. I was thinking to put up a 'closed' sign but surely anyone coming in would see that there are plenty of cars in the parking lot. My other man could be positioned close to the door to just grab whoever it is and bring them in, that would just make it easier. Also thats another wallet right?

So when the bags are packed with cash this is the best part of the plan. I will inform everyone that we have a third member of our group that is among them right now. That he or she was bowling in the alley before we even came in. So if anyone tries to call the cops within the next hour, he or she is armed and will dispose of you. Of course there is no third person but hopefully it will buy enough time to get away without anyone contacting the police or trying to run out of the alley.

After the robbery we burn the hats and clothes and bags and just take the money and valuables. It wouldn't be a great amount, it would be more for the thrill than the actual money.

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