Friday, April 28


Friend: I left my clothes at the gym today. I have to go get them now...brb...
Me: dude u pervert
Me: You left the gym naked?
Friend: hahaha

Kinda reminds me of a classic old vaudeville joke right?

Also there's this email back-n-forth with a coworker:

Me: Do we have double sided tape by any chance?

literally 5 days later I get this email back

Coworker: In the front overhead cabinet in the entrance of room 225

Me: uhh that was an email from like 5 days ago. I got some since then. I also got married and had kids who are currently in college.

Coworker: Great! Invite me to the kids wedding!

Me: Well, they are super geniuses and they're actually only 12 but still sophomores at MIT and MCI and TBS..some of the great universities in our country. That being said it will be a few more years before they get married.. Maybe I'll request a new stapler and when it comes in the wedding will be booked :)


At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, "Dude" had as much prevalence in vaudevillian humor as "Gnarly." Way to evoke classicism.

~Ms. Pastrami Crab Cake

At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are my favorite kinds of conversations! Stupid to most, but amusing to those who are involved.



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