Monday, April 26


Davis had many friends at work, including both men and women. He would often lunch with different people and a drink after work on Fridays was not unheard of. But there had always been a particular group of women that he never quite developed a friendship with.

It wasn't that they were unapproachable or acted rudely towards him, quite the contrary actually. Whenever he walk by one of them there was always a polite "Hello," even the occasional "How are you?". Each time they said hello to each other though, there was a slightly awkward feeling. Both parties felt it. The way you feel if your're in an elevator with someone you kinda know but not well enough to strike up conversation.

Beyond the pleasantries there was really nothing. The problem was there had never been a formal introduction like he had with other coworkers. There's a short gap of time one has to introduce themselves and spend a few minutes here and there, talking about the weather or complaining about your
boss. If, and when, that time is missed there is not getting it back. That is it. Because it felt so awkward he never made any attempt to go into their office for a bit of the convo, or ask them to lunch. They must have also felt this way (at least he hoped they did) because there was no effort on their part either.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, and then months turned back into days, because it was a backwards silly world he lived in. So after 2 years of working at the job he was ready to make a move. Two years was enough, it was time to take action. The ladies must have made the same decision around the same time. Minutes before he was about to stand up from his desk and walk into their office, a representing member of their small group came walking into his.

It just so happened that during that particular moment, he had his right index finger deeply embedded in a nostril. Mid pick as it were. There was a brief pause......... about a few seconds where she looked at him and him at her, both frozen in embarrassment. Quickly removing the finger he tried to speak but all that came out was a loud bizarre sounding "BUTTGOONNOOOooO!??!" She spun around in place and in one quick step turned back towards here office.

The pleasantries stopped soon after that.

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