Friday, May 7


my neighbor bought a filter tip for his cigarettes and suggested i get one too. at most drug stores they sell a reuseable filter tip which collects tar in it, rather than going into your lungs. he said that after a pack you could see a large amount of actual black residue that you just wash out with warm water and soap. gross right? but if you are going to smoke i guess its better to use this thing rather than not?

so i bought a pack of 'disposable aqua filters' which are long, white, and plastic. They have moisture inside the filter which is supposed to catch tar and other no goodies before the smoke hits yer lungs. I have been using them, but mostly when im home because it makes you look like you should be an old victorian woman with black gloves and a long shiny dress, elegantly smoking a cigarette.

or, as is more appropriate for me, one can pretend you're a baron with a monocle as i did last night. at my computer i sat biting down on the tip with my mouth open emitting that loud comical hearty laugh which would accompany a character like that. i guess you had to be there, which no one was except my cat.

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