Monday, May 3


I was talking with a friend last night about college and how different it was than the regular working world. We were both saying how it would be great to just wake up tomorrow and say 'nah I don't feel like going to work today, the same way you could do with class in college." I certainly took advantage of those times.

I mentioned how different time is now, working, as compared to college. I remember how significant actual time was in college. Your exams and deadlines revolved around planning within specific time frames or deadlines. I just remember during finals how every moment was important even if that meant the moments you calculated that you were doing nothing. So if an exam was at 10am the next morning I would try to figure out how many hours I could study if I started at 7pm, which probably meant more like 8:30pm. and that I would study straight through to 1am or so..and plan to wake up early enough to get another say 45 minutes in.

I said, "You could actually feel time." which I think really puts into words the feelings that were associated with moments like that. Just how consciously aware I was of every minute. Now the days really blend into one another and I've noticed myself saying 'I have no concept of time' a lot lately. When you don't have summer vacations to help seperate year, I sometimes lose track of what month it is or even the actual season sometimes.

I guess thats why some people have children, to help them get their mental calendars back in order when they start going to school.

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