Thursday, April 29


This is what I wrote to PBS as a comment after watching the unbelievably disturbing special about Bush and his relationship with god:

After watching your program entitled "The Jesus Factor," I can honestly say I am scared to live in this country. Our current president is on a religious crusade and for some reason no one is speaking up and reminding George W. Bush that one of the tenets this country was founded on happens to be freedom of religion.

I have never felt so ashamed and just sickened to be an American. I feel completely disheartened almost to the point that I want to move out of the United States. To hear that Bush thinks "anyone who doesn't accept Jesus as our savior will go to hell", shocks me. Someone who thinks like that shouldn't be allowed to run a chicken farm let alone the most powerful country in the world.

the only thing I can say is "Jesus!" but not in a religious way :)

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