Wednesday, May 12


Those bastards at netflix just SCRRRRREWED me again!

well not really screwed but listen. I used netflix to rent dvd's a few years ago but they were so slow with the shipping because they were coming from California. I had to cancel it because it was just annoying. But then a friend started recently and said there are distribution centers on the east coast now (there is one near me just over in queens) so you get the dvd very quickly..usually 1-2 days.

BUT I haven't been watching enough lately..I have the same ones sitting around for I go to cancel knowing you can always rejoin for the same price. Right at the last page of the cancellation form it said, "are you sure you want to cancel" and i was like yeah dick..just fucking cancel me.

but then the screen said, "we will give you 6 months for 15 bucks a opposed to 21 bucks a month...and i sat there and didn't know what to do. I knew I would probably want to join up again sometime anyway so I just said YES YES I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE. and now i am locked in for another 6 months..jesus what a moron i am


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