Monday, May 10


Trying to make new friends at work is proving more difficult than I had originally anticipated. One thing I tried last week proved not to be an effective ice breaker.

I had worked for days building a miniature layout of the floor I work on, complete with tiny cubicles and scaled down versions of my fellow coworkers. I used clay, plastic, construction paper, and magic markers. It basically looked like a big Barbie house but with not as much pink.

Around lunchtime is when most people file in and out of the exit which is by my cubicle, so that's when I started. I huddled over my desk, spoke in a hushed tone, and began playing with my miniature coworkers. I was saying names that were similar but not exactly the same as the people I work with. So Gary the Administrator I was calling "Larry the Defibulator" and I started raising my voice a little saying things like "HEY YOU, get your time cards in or there will be HELL TO PAY!" and then I had him run and topple over a few employees standing around the mini water cooler I built (I just flipped an empty airline liquor bottle upside down for that one).

I was hoping at the end of my display that people would come up to me saying, "Wow Daniel that was some great stuff there, you're so funny and creative, lets be pals!"
Instead people just kinda shyed away and slowly walked backwards until they were out of view..then I heard them running.

No one said anything to me except for Herb in accounting, who said, "You didn't need to make me look so fat." On his doll I had put a tootsie roll underneath his already tight sweatshirt, Ohhh but it was so cute.


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