Monday, June 7


Hey you come here a little closer. I want to talk to you. Listen I just want you to think about those times when you're out with a few friends and it gets to be late at night. There's a few people that are tired and ready to go home but then there are a few that are on the fence, maybe they want to go out and do something else. And then there is you. You are so totally ready to do something even though its almost 1AM because a few of the cool people in the group are the ones that might be up for something.

Eventually though it dwindles down to like 4 other people besides yourself. 1 cool person. 2 that are so so. And maybe 1 you really hate. Everyone then stands around kinda mumbling things like, "well yeah uhh I guess if you want to go we can"

But then it happens. The cool person is like "Nah I'm just gunna go home and crash."

and you think to yourself SHIT ITS OVER I have to back out now too but how can I say it without looking like the jerk who is only bailing because that cool person said the same thing?

Now listen. I want you to know something. You are the one that the other four was hoping wouldn't come along. Don't forget that.

Unrelated: the lord giveth and the lord taketh away. and sometimes he just borrows your hedgeclippers.


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