Sunday, May 23


Phoney Diplomas website I found this site tonight when doing a search for the proper way to spell "phoney" I wasn't sure if it was "phonie" or "pepperoni" well I knew it wasn't that last one. Spell check actually suggested "Phony" so I'm still confused..anyway back to the point of the email. I wanted to know what is this deal with this shit? seriously is this legal? I really can't understand some things in this world.. this site sells you fake college diplomas for $185 bucks. The funny thing is that for some reason they say "No Connecticut schools available" I don't know why but I guess its comforting to know my schools diploma isn't as easy to be duplicated as some other ones, regadless of the reason why.

And what did I do when I saw this site? well obviously I wrote them a letter:

"I don't get this site so please explain it to me. If you are charging close to 200 dollars for a phoney college diploma with an similar looking college seal, you really think you are getting away with just saying this is for entertainment purpose?

Who is going to be entertained by that? If you want to do it for entertainment you could probably make a fake one using microsoft word, but I doubt it would look as real as whatever you are making.

Since you say a school administrator can ask to have their schools removed from this sham of a company, I could hypothetically write all those universities and make them privy to what this company is doing?

You do realize that people will be using your services for fraudulent purposes, whether it is getting a job or trying to get into graduate school for example. I had to copy my college diploma for my current job and I probably could have gotten away with copying your $185 diploma instead of using my real one.

And that is somewhat scary.

good day.


UPDATE: I got a reply:

"Hi there Daniel, By entertainment we mean it can be hung on the wall, used as a
replacementfor a lost or damaged one, practical jokes and things like that. The
seals we use are not close to the real school seal ( the name of the school is in
it but the design is much different) and we do not forge the real signatures of the faculty. We also do not emboss the text or seals. They are good interpretations of diplomas but by no means look authentic enough to pass as a real document in a professional environment. All of this is on the site so that the customer can read about what we do not do before they place an order. Also, we say that they are for novelty only and they are. Many other companies like us advertise them as real and actually forge signatures and use copywritten images to make them look like they came from the school. They'll even send in school letterhead or sealed envelopes. Or they say they are novelty but actually sell 100% authentic looking documents to the "T".
Another thing that truly makes us a novelty company is that many of the other companies offer "accredited" fake diplomas or even offer verification service where they will fax the diploma to an employer saying that they are the school. We will never promote our novelty products fraudulently like that. We are not the ones you need to be mad at. Its some of the others that really do try and sell for fraudulent purposes. See these sites - This one is really selling fraudulent products. - They make fake Id's too

That is just a few of the other companies out there. We also turn customers down when they tell us that they want a job or to get into school. The others won't do that. I hope I have cleared some of this up for you and I am sorry that you are upset at us but we are really not here to help people use their documents fraudulently.

Please include a copy of this email in all future correspondence.

Production Manager
Document Printing Services
PO Box 11351
Richmond, VA 23230"

WELL First of all he didn't even include his name which I thought was strange.. but regardless we have emailed back and forth a few more times and he asked, "if you contact anyone about this please leave our name out." I guess because he is saying they are really just for fun. SO I did tell him that if I do contact anyone I will leave his name out.

I'm kinda getting bored with this already but I will go check those other sites later today. That is all.


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is no 'e' in phony...

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think they would give me a diploma from Dew U?


At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a lot of people this sort of stuff truely is novelty. i mean, come on, it's not like they are promoting them for job use. get real!

i will say this, phony diploma is expensive. im not into this stuff but i did see before and they are like half the price.

if it's your thing, why not save a buck?

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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