Thursday, May 20


Last night was one of those times when I got so involved in brushing my teeth that before I knew it, there was a thin stream of toothpaste mixed with water running down my arm all the way to the elbow. Now that's brushing baby!

What do they put in that toothpaste that when you accidentally drop some on the bathroom carpet, it takes a lot of effort to remove the white stain. I mean I guess its good that its white, right?

Tips for Good Brushing:

-First off you want to use a soft toothbrush. What this does is enable you to firmly brush without the risk of damaging your gums or tooth enamel.

-Most people have the actual brushing down pretty well by now, but again remember to do a thorough job and use little circles, not back and forth (think wax on wax off) don't forget the backs of your teeth (I know I do sometimes).

-Flossing is very important. Take a nice sized piece and firmly grip it in both hands (I wrap it a few times around my fingers. Use each individual tooth as and anchor, bending it around the tooth and really get down in there..Don't just quickly go down and back up.

-Make sure you buy the higher end floss. I prefer stuff that is waxed and won't shred cause for some reason my teeth goes through that shit like confetti in a lawn mower. Really, don't skimp. I mean if you want to buy Duane Reade brand q-tips knock yourself out. But not with the floss, man.

I had the best bowl of shrimp wanton soup for lunch yesterday at a Malaysian restaurant and it was only 3 bucks. oh right the brushing thing.

So to recap: don't skimp on good floss. take your time and brush thoroughly. Charleston chews are not good for my teeth, I always get this nervous feeling when trying to suck it off my teeth, like I'm going to rip one out of the socket. My god MY GOD....... I hate that!

Next week I will be trying "whitening strips" so I will let you know how that turns out. Despite my brilliant brushing technique, (and I'm not kidding my dentist has actually complimented me on it several times) I do have some damage from a few years of drinking tobacco and smoking coffee (yes that's what I said).


At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great advice. Now maybe you should spend less time on your teeth and more time worrying about that body odor thing.

Lee from Topeka


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