Tuesday, May 18


I called to order some shirts over the phone tonight. This is really what happened, not just me being stupid and saying "I wish I had said that!!" this is it:

salesman: Good evening, Eddie Bauer, May I take your order?
me: Can I get a large pepperoni pizza please

(complete silence for about 5 seconds)

me: no no wait..sorry I'm not messing around I'm really going to make an order for clothes
salesman: ok great how can I help you?

Now we pretty much spoke normally...but as I was sitting there I was thinking, my god I must sound like I'm totally stoned.. which I wasn't, but then I got the idea...hey thats a good idea maybe I should get stoned. So while on the phone with him I started smoking a bowl.

The last item I ordered was i03 710 0443 or something.. and they usually repeat back the item and if it starts with a letter like that, B5 53, I like to yell BINGO. Which I did with this guy and he actually laughed, but quickly got back to business to finish the order. One of the items I asked what other colors it came in.... and one of the names was "grass" so I made him repeat the colors a few times to get him to say GRASS louder...to which I turned the phone away and giggled.

nice huh?


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My uncle Eddie used to tell the family all sorts of crazy stories. One time we were all over his place and he told us this giant tale involving fishing and police and just craziness overall. He apparently had to run for 2 miles with a stolen flounder down his pants.

The story was funny. We were all laughing and enjoying ourselves until I looked down and realized we were eating fish.

Francis from Charleston


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