Thursday, May 13


As I was walking to work this morning I noticed a crisp $1 bill folded, lying on the ground. I almost didn't pick it up but I realized there was no one in the vicinity. So I picked it up and stood there for a moment looking around to see if anyone was watching me or maybe playing a trick. I guess I'm pretty neurotic, always thinking people are watching me when in reality no one really gives a crap what other people around them are up to.

It reminded me of something that happend about a year ago in my building. I had just walked out the front door of my apartment building and was almost to the sidewalk when i saw a $20 bill just sitting there on the ground. I must have passed ssomeone on my way out and heard the door to the building shutting and assumed whoever that was had just dropped this money.

I seriously don't know how I did what happened next. I instinctively ran back into my building and made a left rather than a right, which is the side I live on, and ran up either 2 or 3 flights of stairs. Once I got to the floor I just ran straight down the hall and knocked on the door of an apartment. A woman answered who had just gotten back into her apartment as I could tell because when she opened the door there were shopping bags there still on the floor. She was totally shocked (probably cause there was a huge out of breath white guy standing in her face) and I said, "did you just drop some money"

She reached into the back pocket of her pants and suddenly had this shocked look and said "yes I think I did..these pants.. they are so tight" which they were.. a lot of dominican women in my barrio wear extremely tight pants.

I knew she wasn't bullshedding me so I said, "here is $20 that must be yours".

The only explanation I can come up with for locating her was that I used hearing to do what I did, but honestly I don't remember hearing anything besides maybe the door shutting after she had passed me. I don't remember seeing her pass me but she obviously did, I just wasn't paying attention. I had never met her and was never on that floor before. I really think it was instict like I knew exactly where to run. weird huh?


At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are funny!


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