Tuesday, May 18


well that could start almost all of my posts. but this one thing makes me especially nervous.

i work at the Dept of Health in the division that controls outbreaks of things like SARS, West Nile, and a bunch of strange diseases I cannot pronounce let alone spell. we are a city agency who takes security very seriously for obvious reasons.

one thing i hate is security restrictions placed on the internet. i know that certain sites like ebay are restricted which ive come to accept. but i also heard that 'nothing you transmit is private' something like that, so everything can be monitored or screened. im also afraid they might be watching what sites i go to...not that i do anything bad (get your mind out of the gutter) but writing this blog right now for example might get me in trouble.

SO all that being said, the reason I am always nervous is because my boss will just kinda creep up behind me and say "DANIEL, I need to speak with you" in a firm tone.

now when someone says "I need to speak with you" I usually think its a bad thing..so every time I go in there into his office I just start sweating, thinking he is going to say, "Daniel, do you know about how many hours a day you've been spending online since you've been with us?" to which my response is going to be, "Uhhjjjaaahhh, like 1?" (which I know is not the right answer)

But he always just asks me to help him on some task or sumptin like that..


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