Monday, May 17


I know I am not the only one who gets sleepy on trains, in cars, or other type of moving transportation. The constant rhythmic movement of a large vehicle for some reason creates sleepiness...of course this doesn't occur with everyone but it sure as sugar happens with me.

I have sat on the subway many a day wishing that I owned my own brand new clean subway car with no seats or anything in it...just a big comfortable bed smack in the middle. My god I would fall asleep so quickly and sleep like a baby, instead of resting my head on a middle aged Pakistani guy who smiles politely when I wake up and wipe the drool off both my chin and his now ruined jacket.

Since I can't own a subway car and ride it around all night, I want to make a bed or more appropriate a bed frame which mimics the movement of a subway/train/car. I'm sure it would be expensive but if there was some sort of contraption on the bed frame that made it move slightly, I think it would work. Also we could sell an audio tape or cd which has the same sounds you would hear in a car or on a train. I say "we" because you are going to help me finance this project. I don't give these ideas out for free.


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