Tuesday, June 1


If you're like me and lets hope you're not, then you're fairly skilled in the art of rubber band shooting, flipping, bending, and making tooting noises with them. If you aren't like me then you might not know what I'm talking about, but perhaps you actually have a meaningful life and not spend time writing about rubber bands.

What you do to achieve this effect is to take a thicker sized rubber band (the thin ones simply will not do) and place it on a flat smooth surface. When you put it down make sure it is perfectly flush and it should look like a circle. You then push down the palm of your hand completely covering the rubber band and create a suction which will eventually squeeze out some air and make a little "pooting" noise.

Unfortunately the reason I'm sharing this information with you because I just did it at my desk and made a really loud noise just as some woman was walking by. I was embarrassed for like 10 seconds but now I pretty much don't care.

I was almost going to try to duplicate the noise to prove that it was the rubber band and not me..but she was walking too fast and I didn't want her to think "My god he just farted again!"

I've had these same issues with squeaky shoe noises in the past as well.

See the movie SUPERSIZE ME especially if you haven't read Fast Food Nation. It is important that as many people as possible see this film.


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