Friday, April 15


OK OK enough already. Can we go back to talking about dental floss or that awkward moment when someone asks you for an extra piece of gum and you pull out the last crumpled stick which is obviously warm and wilted with a bit of colorful lint stuck to the end, which really doesn't match the color of the pants you're wearing? So now the decision comes. Does Linda from Processing actually say, "Uh no thanks" making the scene more uncomfortable, or does she politely accept your last piece of Big Red and then toss it in the trash can when she leaves and is out of view? A better question might be how does the lint get to be that color?

UPDATE: She took the gum and later in the day I noticed just the WRAPPER in a trash can outside my office. She actually ate the gum. My god, that pig.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger Carolyn said...

Ewww! Ok, if you gave me gum from your pocket with different color lint, my 1st thought would be that maybe you got it from someone else. If you didn't chew it, there must be a reason, and "re-gifted" gum just isn't my thing, even if it's still in the wrapper and wasn't chewed first. I would take it though, and after lunch would casually offer it to someone else. I mean, unless someone posts about it on their blog, who has to know?

At 6:38 PM, Blogger Franikins said...

Yummy! Warm, wilted gum is the best. I'm chewing some right now, although it did come from my own pocket.

Truce! Are you extending the olive branch of crumpled-warm-lint-covered gum? I accept and chew proudly.

Have you ever had "phone floss" with someone? I have but don't tell anybody.


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