Tuesday, March 29


Sometimes staying awake at the keyboard can be a tremendous struggle like the battle between good and evil, chocolate and vanilla, appolo creed and rocky. After a nice lunch it's normal to want to zonk out for a few minutes. Rest your eyes.

One afternoon at my old job I was working with my project director on some data checking thing. He was going over some numbers and I was cross checking them and then entering them into a database on my computer. Sitting behind me he had a view of the screen and the back of my head.

It was post lunch and I was tired. As I typed away I felt my eyes growing heavier and heavier. The pace of my typing slowed.

"Daniel you get that?"


"Daniel are you sleeping?"

I had fallen asleep while he sat there reading and didn't wake up again until I heard him calling my name. I was caught. No denying this one. It wasn't like when your boss comes into your office and you jump up pretending to yawn and stretch your arms out. That's an easy one to get out of.

"Uh yeah must have fallen asleep for a minute there," I mumbled like a moron.

I think he was caught off guard even more so than myself. I was just upset that the beginning of what would have been a beautiful slumber had been interrupted. He was dumbfounded at the idea that an employee would fall asleep at the keyboard especially with a supervisor sitting two feet behind him.

I've gotten much better at my new job. I avoid all this by taking my naps in the supplies closet.


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