Sunday, February 27


That's something I need to do and I'm talking important life decisions here: dental floss.

I even gave you my valued viewers some great advice awhile back in one of my posts. When buying something like dental floss or cotton swabs, don't skimp. Cheap dental floss is rough and will shred easily while crappy cotton swabs aren't tightly wrapped and will explode in your ears like a Kiss concert.

Never been to a Kiss concert but I imagine they really rock out.

Yeah I just said "rock out." Shut up.

So I'm in my apartment and reach for my Oral B Satin floss and realize it's all used up. Now that was some good floss so I don't have a problem giving them a free plug. BUT, I had to look for my backup which happened to be Target's knockoff version named, "Hi-Tech Dental Floss." I must have bought that awhile back during one of my drunken manic Target shopping sprees.

What was I thinking? When I slipped this crappy floss between my teeth it felt like I was chewing on that rope they use to tie up ships. Awful!

I think the fact this crap has the name "Hi-Tech" should have tipped my stupid ass off but apparently not. Consider yourself warned, whenever a company has to use terminology like that you should expect less than the best. It was more like "Low-Tech" or possibly "Mediocre-Tech" at the very best.


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must add toilet paper and tissues to that list. In desperation, I bought a 10-pack of tissues at a 99 cent store--they smell like laundry detergent and leave paper dust all over my hands. Using cheap toilet paper ain't a happy experience, either.

- D

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Lizzi said...

I have designer handbags and shoes and you have designer floss.

I used to have that floss but a certain ex-roommate took it.

At 5:41 PM, Blogger Carolyn said...

Personally, I prefer dental floss made for kids, in bubblegum flavor. If a piece gets so tightly stuck I can't get it out for fear of extracting my tooth, well, at least it's tasty enough to chew on a while. I also find that as a natural substitute for dental floss, a string from a celery stalk works pretty good too ;)

At 4:08 AM, Blogger lesspain1 said...

Well, I have to tell you something. I have bought this several times in the past. this was the best floss I have ever used, as slick as glide but would not break for nothing. Well last two times I went to Target and bought the same thing or so called by the same name. It was terrible. I ended up throwing it away. I am going to talk with the manager next time and see why the change. I would like to buy 10 or more of the old ones. Matter of fact, I had bought 8 of them at the very beginning when I first found out they worked so well. Really have never found any that worked as well. Small, slick and would not tear. If you do find some of the old stuff, let me know. lesspain


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