Thursday, February 10


2 flights of stairs up to my apartment

12 bites necessary to finish a black and white cookie

5 buttons on my shirt today after i sewed the one back on that fell off

0 times I've been in an actual fistfight

3 Number of time I came very close to being in an actual fistfight

365 days in 2005

53 saturdays

52 sundays

12 days of holiday given at my job

15 days of vacation given at my job

7 average number of days I will be sick this year

226 number of days I will most likely work this year

1790 about the total number of hours I will be at work figuring I'll leave early a few times.

$23.46 about what I make per hour I'm here including my hour of lunch.

$50-75 about how much I'm realistically being paid per hour actually worked.


At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, even I don't get bored enough at work/school to do actual math.



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