Saturday, January 15


In continuing with my recent craigslist fascination, here is an ad I placed on Craigslist in the furniture section:

Badly Damaged Rug $75 Carrol Gardens

I have a rug that has been soiled somewhat by several people and/or animals. I
think this rug was purchased at a nice store like pottery barn or T.J. Max but I actually found it and didn't buy it myself. It was hanging out of the back of an
open truck.

Anyway there are some stains and several large paw prints, possibly a moose (or
is it Meese in the plural?) The original color was blue it seems. Now it's a
blueish-orangish-yellow. There is a floral pattern with pictures of bugs. Or birds, they might be birds.

I have no picture because my roomate broke my digital camera. Sorry.

$75 or best offer.

I received a few responses from people around the city. Here are a few of them:

RESPONSE #1 Someone wrote me back saying that it was funny and thanks for making his/her day.

RESPONSE #2 I got another one saying, "Why don't you throw that rug away? Are you really that hard up for cash?"

I responded, "Well I wouldn't say I'm hard up for cash but I actually do a lot of bad things for money. Also I'm currently sleeping on that rug so can't really throw it away."

His response to that was, "I'm sorry I came off so wrong.......Best of luck to you....Remember this is a new year and you have the opportunity to have a new start. You will be fine. God Bless."

Man I feel like a jerk. I'm writing him back right now telling him I was just joking around. I feel bad. If he had offered me a free meal or something I would have taken him up on the offer.

RESPONSE #3 A woman wrote me being a wise ass saying, "Wow that rug sounds great. can I take a look? your description really sells it. i mean, yeah."

I wrote her back, "Sorry but the rug has already been sold. Thank you for your inquiry though."

RESPONSE #4 Woman wrote me saying, "Badly damaged, and your selling it for $75??? Wha wha what!!! "

I wrote them back, "I had two people come to see it. One was a man and the other was a woman. They showed up at the same time to my apartment and each offered me $50. It was a strange situation. They started talking to each other while me and my dog just stood there on the very rug these people were going to buy. Apparently the two had a lot in common as they were standing there talking and talking.

Finally the guy said that she could have the rug and that he would help bring it to her apartment. But he made her promise to have a cup of coffee with him afterwards.

I hope they don't have sex on that carpet as it is badly soiled, but hey I was upfront about that with my post. Wasn't I?"

Her response to that, "LMAO....yo at first i thought it was a joke, and now, well hey good for you....yeah thats the only thing, personally i woudnt pay for a soiled rug, but if they were willing to, and in fact did, who knows....anythings possible! ;o) Take it easy...


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Boozie said...

I traded my ipod on Craigslist in October. It went smoothly except for one guy who wanted to trade several pairs of women's shoes for it. It was really creepy. He would email almost every day asking me to describe my feet. I ended up with super football tickets instead.

At 11:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's like, mean. Seriously.


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