Monday, December 27


It's a bit out of control now. Since moving to Brooklyn I haven't gotten a new haircut yet. There's a nice little old school barber shop with just 3 stools which is 2 blocks from my new apartment and only 10 bucks. The problem is they close at 6 and I never make it there on time.

That paragraph sounded like a math problem.

Because of the cold weather I've been wearing my hat to work everyday which means I can't really put any product in my hair before leaving my apartment. It will just get messed up when I take the hat off anyway. When I get to work I have this huge poofy thing on my head which is completely out of control. Anyone who knew me in college has seen the mighty afro and remembers the glory and fame that followed it everywhere. If I don't get my hair cut soon that fro will be back before you can click off this screen. Please don't click off the screen I promise there's some good stuff next.

So I'm in the bathroom trying to fix my hair by throwing some water on it and working it into some kind of order. The amazing thing is that I think it looks awful yet people at work (mostly older people) keep telling me how good it looks. I just don't get it.

Back to the bathroom. As I work the do, I'm also trying to get a piece of food out of my teeth and do the open mouth thing where you're spitting/pushing air through the obstructed tooth. Finally, a small piece of hamburger bun flies threw the air with such force and lands right on the mirror in front of me. I had also been making that whistling noise I realized. I didn't however realize that there was an Asian guy waiting to wash his hands at the only sink in the bathroom. Turning around I looked at him and also realized I had a lot of water all over my shirt from wetting my hair. He took one look at the freed hostage now slowly escaping down the mirror and another look at my wet hair and damp shirt and decided to skip his handwashing responsibilities and left the bathroom.

I can't really say I blame him. I actually blame you.


At 4:44 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

That's two posts in a row involving spitting food. Are you ok?


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