Friday, December 17


1) Today at work we had the judging of the "Decorate the door" contest at the Department of Health. Every year the bureau I work for has a theme and this year because it was the Flu Vaccine shortage, our theme was The Grinch Whole Stole the Flu Vaccine." The door was adorned with a tree with syringes dangling off like ornaments and surrounded by little Whoville people but the Who was crossed out and it read, "Fluville." We also sang a song which someone in my department wrote. The lyrics were set to, "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas." But changed it to, "Have yourself a shot for Influenza." I guess you had to be there but they did a nice job singing it. I didn't sing I just Milli Vanillied it.

So I was asked to draw the Grinch when we were decorating the door which was going to be the main theme. I think I did a pretty nice job drawing him. When the commissioner of the Health Department (who is a bigwig since he's the one in charge of the all of New York City's health concerns) saw the door he was impressed and said, "Who drew the Grinch?" and everyone started pointing at me and saying my name.

We ended up winning and get to have a breakfast with the commissioner..which is a big deal I guess. Seems like a nice guy and hey he likes my artwork.

2) I received my new American Express card today from MBNA and called to have it activated. I used to have a VISA with them but I guess they switched over to AMEX. When I was talking to the woman on the phone she informed me that I was one of 1,500 MBNA customers who was chosen to be the first members to switch over. She said another 100,000 will be switched over but some have to actually apply for it.

I just got the card off the bat cause my credit is spectacular. I think that's only because I don't buy anything too expensive and always pay it off. I try not to live beyond my means and on a civil servants salary that means not buying Plasma TV's. But hey, it's still not too shabby coming from the son of an apple farmer huh? Oh wait my dad isn't a farmer he's a doctor. Whatever.


At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should take a picture of the door at work, I would like to see it. :)


At 8:16 AM, Blogger heropoo said...

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