Wednesday, October 27


Some big news here. I'm making the move to Brooklyn. My time in Manhattan is done but really it never began because I've spent my 5 years here living in upper Manhattan which has pretty much sucked. I've finally had it with the lack of restaurants and zero nightlife. So long Washington Heights.

Of course there are some things that I will miss. I was always friendly with Jose across the street who owns and runs Sano Health Food store. He is one of the nicest guys I've met in the neighborhood and if you're ever up here I suggest stopping by if you need your fix of a wheatgrass shot or any other organic/health food stuff.

I will also miss Jose my barber who lives in my building and has cut my hair for the past few years. He talks a lot and sometimes I don't understand what he's saying so I usually just go, "Yeah I understand what you're saying," and he seems content with that. On Tuesdays you can get your haircut for 8 bucks. Can't beat that especially considering he is the same person you idiots pay 100 bucks downtown to have your hair cut. He used to work downtown in SoHo and charged that much. SUCKERS! My hair is good too don't believe anything you've heard contrary.

If two Jose's aren't enough, there is my neighbor who lives right next to me named Jose. The funny thing is that he calls me "Johnny" and has for all 5 years I've lived here. He always says, "How you doing Johhhhnnnny." I think he just mixed me up with my friend Jon who lives above me. I let it go and giggle to myself a wee bit every time. Maybe all us white guys look alike? Maybe I should just refer to all the Dominican guys who live here as Jose..oh wait they are all named Jose. I will definitely miss some stuff up here but it is time for a change.

I can't pass up this offer to move. A friend from my old job is moving to California and I will be signing a lease for her 1 bedroom at a cheaper price than if I stayed in the HEIGHTS! I like yelling HEIGHTS and calling it Hip Hop Heights. I don't think I'll be able to continue that tradition living in Carroll Gardens.. Hard to spin that one in a hip hop vibe. Yeah I just used the word vibe.

NOW FOR THE REVIEWS!!!! It's a good thing you kept your pants on.

Chat -n- Chew
10 E 16th St Between Union Square West and Fifth Avenue
Phone: (212) 243-1616

Had a very nice meal here tonight on Halloween. Chat -n- Chew is probably the most affordable restaurants in this specific area of Union Square considering they are wedged between Union Square Cafe, Blue Water Grill, and Mesa Grill (pretty boy Bobby Flay's joint which actually has delicious muffins that come with brunch..oh man they are great I'm getting hungry just thinking about them but that's for another review ok relax! relax!)

I had the Uncle Red's Addiction Honey dip't fried chicken with "skin-on" smashies. The honey dipped crust was really great and the mashed potatoes were phenomenal for some reason. Mashed potatoes are always pretty good but I wanted to swim in these for some reason. My girlfriend got the The Classic Grilled Cheese With fontina and cheddar on sourdough...The tomato is on us. Which looked pretty tasty and she seemed to like it. A friend at my current job suggested that grilled cheese. Had to give her some props there. I might have been able to taste it if I didn't have pieces of chicken smeared all over my face and fingers. She's a vegetarian and has a thing about me cross contaminating her food with my animal flesh laden food..unbelievable right? Just kidding.

We also ordered a thing of sweet potato fries with smoked chile catsup. Nothing to report about that. It came with the meal instead of an appetizer as we had planned and was ok..nothing to call home about and yell at my mother for not ever making anything like this....but I could have with those mashed potatoes..oh man.

The iced tea sucks. Don't get it. The waitress even said, "Oh yeah I hate that stuff I don't know why they serve it. I asked her why didn't you tell me in the first place? She said that some people actually love it. Why? I have no idea because it taste's like mild dish water.

The has a comfortable atmosphere and has some fun decor. Service was nice but the place was busy and the waitstaff was in Halloween costumes so maybe it slowed them down, took awhile to get our food. I would like to go back and possibly try a burger which looked great. Their brunch menu sounds nice too. Also a friend at my old job suggested the mac-n-cheese which I'm sure is tasty at a comfort food place like this.

Crif Dogs
113 Saint Marks Pl
Phone: 212-614-2728

"The best thing between a bun" That was the title for the review I wrote on which is a food delivery website here in the city. I worship these wieners, but only in the context of writing a review for this restaurant which specializes in hot dogs.

Ok enough of the stupid stuff. This place is great. They have awesome dogs and my favorite is the Philly Tubesteak, Our Dog Casually Attired in Cheese & Sauted Onions (add jalapenos .25) Oh I always add those jalapenos and they make that thing unreal. They have a chili cheese dog which is great and my girlfriend adores their veggie dogs which I believe they make themselves. They probably throw some meat in there which is why they are so popular.

The cheese fries are also super-fantastic and they have great shakes. I went to the actual restaurant a few years ago and it is a funky little spot to have a late night dog after hitting the bars, but I suggest delivery. They are very good at getting orders right which is a rarity in this freaking city, and have insulated bags which keeps the food hot.



At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! Did you actually write the phrase "super-fantastic?" I was wrong about you. ;)


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Phat K said...

We like food, and we LOVE Crif Dogs! They are best when delivered during a baseball or football game broadcast. Seriously, that makes them taste better.

At 10:55 PM, Blogger bhan said...

Yo! This is Ben. Crif Dogs rocks! Werd!!!

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