Tuesday, October 12


Wrote this to my credit card company MBNA after learning how much money they give to the Republican Party. I've read and heard differing numbers the past few years but MBNA is a company whose name continually comes up as one of the top donors so I wanted to give them my opinion on paper:

Dear MBNA:

I am writing to inform you that I have recently curtailed the use of my MBNA Visa credit card. The reason for my doing this is that I discovered that MBNA is one of the largest donors to the republican party in our country. I have no interest in supporting an organization which specifically supports one specific political party in this country.

I also found it interesting that not one of your customer service representatives that I’ve spoken with over the past few months had any idea about this. These calls were related to my credit card but during small talk I would mention this topic and ask for their feedback.

If MBNA was the largest donor to a cancer organization, a drug treatment program, or something beneficial to society that wouldn’t be a problem. I just refuse to have my money go towards supporting the Republican Party. I don’t plan to cancel my credit card because I’ve had it for many years and have a great credit history with you. I do however want my opinion on record.

Thank you.

Daniel Krieger

Here are two links to articles if you would like to read more. Here is an article from Mother Jones and another from a website called opensecrets.org


I received a reply from MBNA stating:

Please understand that MBNA a a company does not contribute to any political campaigns.

"Like most large companies, MBNA does have a political action committee funded by voluntary contributions from employees. This committee makes contributions to the campaigns of both Democrats and Republicans and is focused on supporting issues of interest to both consumers and the financial services industry. Etc etc etc"

Well I don't know what to think. If it is true that they give truckloads of cash to Republicans and a few leftover dollars to cover their asses to Democrats then something is up in my mind. I think they do in fact lend more financial support to the evil empire, which is not cool.


At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nice to know we have such an openly self-serving pres. Some other interesting Bush stuff:


They may ask you to sign up in order to read, but it's free.


At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The answer you got from MBNA is the same one I got from their phone rep. It falls in the realm of "plausible deniability." After the most recent campaign finance reform, it's no longer feasible for large corporations to give massive cash donations as a corporation. What they do instead is called "bundling," and it has made the president of MBNA one of the Bush campaign's largest fundraisers (a/k/a Pioneers). He coordinates a large number of individuals in the MBNA organization to each give the maximum $2000 contribution allowed by law. These are bundled together to give the corporation a more visible impact.

As a side benefit, MBNA can then claim that it's not the corporation giving, it's individual employees. (And you wouldn't want to surpress employee free speech, would you?) That argument doesn't hold up in my view, but you can make up your own mind about that practice. When you have the boss herding all the executive staff to give a coordinated, bundled contribution to the Republican party I don't think that's substantially different than a large contribution from the corporation itself. Also, you can contrast that with most other credit card companies and MBNA is clearly much more extreme in their giving patterns.

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TO the useless complainer complaining about something that makes him feel smart! Yea, yet another someone who 'would like to stick with his/her principles"
In this case 'can't cancel the card because had it long time and has a good credit history'..
So easy to be the rightious ass distributing wisdom-so hard to take >>howsoeversmall<< a dent for the "cause"...
You are a republican, dude! Look in the mirror!


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