Wednesday, September 29


I'm sick of my stupid ass neighborhood and just finished a letter to the owner of my building. The funniest thing about this entire letter is that my rent is only going up 30 bucks a month but still I'm sick of it. Wanna read the letter? No? well screw you go somewhere else cause here it is:


I have a few things I wanted to say before signing a new lease. I have lived at my apartment for 5 years now and as I’ve discussed with you whether you believe it or not, have single handedly helped The Asconia improve it’s worth probably more than even I realize.

One example is that after my persistent phone calls to 311, the ASPCA, you and your staff, and physically walking over and having conversations with the owners of the barking dog, I believe that situation is finally resolved. I say that because I don’t hear the dog barking constantly anymore. I wasn’t the only one who was complaining I was just the most vocal about it, as I can be sometimes.

Another example is how I’ve recently been having phone conversations with the local police department including supervisors and detectives about the constant drug problem in front of our building. I don’t know if you’re aware of it or not but there are several young drug dealers that take over our front stoop on certain days. On a beautiful Sunday a few weeks ago no one who actually lives in our building was outside enjoying the day because there were 3-5 kids outside selling. In my mind Manny doesn’t want to get too involved, as I wouldn’t either if I had a family living on the first floor. I’m sure these kids know him and his family and I would prefer not getting him involved. He does speak to them sometimes and I think they wander off, but end up coming back eventually.

All that being said I noticed they haven’t been around the past week or so and it could be the result of the dialogue I had with the detectives, but I really don’t know for sure.

I have never received a reasonable offer from you for a 1 bedroom apartment. And as I’ve said before and again in this letter, I am one of the people who has helped improve this neighborhood and put plenty of extra cash in your back pocket. The rents in this area haven’t gone up because you slap a new coat of paint on the walls or throw in a new fridge and you know that. I’m sure you can find someone to quickly move into my space but you’re always taking a chance to get a kid who blasts his stereo at 3am and gets into screaming arguments late at night with other tenants. I’m speaking of the young man you had to get rid of on the 5th floor next to Jon's studio, I think that might be apartment 52.

So here at the end of the letter all I am doing is making a small request. I am asking for my rent not to be raised for the next lease. I am getting awfully tired of putting effort into this community and receiving nothing back. I’ve spent plenty of time promoting the new wine bar and all new upscale restaurants such as Bohio, and have had a few friends move into the area over the last few years. That’s about it.

You can mail me or email me your answer."


At 10:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get over it, your rent gets raised every year. Be happy its only $30 for a NYC apt. Thems the breaks.


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