Wednesday, September 1


Today I was in Duane Reade buying Biore pore strips because I like looking at those gross little spikes of god knows whatever they are, after pulling it off.

While in the drugstore I started to look for a new pomade/gell to keep at work when I have to spice up my hair at the end of the day. Say I'm leaving work and going to dinner with the Vanderbilt, I gotta have my hair working right? I was trying to decide what to buy and called my girlfriend on my cell phone who just called me a girl. She wasn't much help. A woman who was also picking out hair products ended up helping me decide which styling goop would be best for me. She explained the differences between all of them and how some are wax based or creamy and how some have much more hold than others.

I couldn't tell who was more insane, her for spewing forth all of this hair care knowledge, or me who was fascinated by it all and continued to grab products and say, "Well what about this one?"

I ended up going with L'OREAL alt studio Crystal Wax even thought I didn't like the packaging, looks kinda plain. She said according to my hair and what I want to do with it, that would be the best choice. I really wanted to know why the Matrix and Bed Head brands were 18 dollars while all the others were between $5 and $8? I guess that will remain one of the great mysteries of the universe.

As I was thanking her and walking away I quickly asked what her favorite shampoo was but without the same lesson we just covered with the gels. She said that the actual shampoo wasn't that important but it is the CONDITIONER which is key. I was blown away. I always thought the shampoo was the important part and that the conditioner didn't do much other than smooth the hair out a bit. In my shower the shampoo is always used up well before the conditioner is because I use just a little bit and not every time. Well that's gunna change.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You ARE such a girl!



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