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Well the real website is taking a bit longer than anticipated to put up. I took a dreamweaver class and thought I was all set but came home and basically felt like the monkey in 2001 Space Odyssey, banging a stick against some futuristic looking piece of steel. What was I talking about? Oh yeah food no wait it was websites. So here are a few more reviews I've written. I am running a little low on the comedy lately but did something I thought was funny at work today. I'll probably tell you all about it on Friday or possibly Monday or never unless you're good.

Be good.

Tasty Dumpling

I frequent this hole in the wall at least once a week. I actually wrote a blog about it once but I was being a bit harsh as I've never actually seen a cook there do those nasty things, only imagined it. Every time I go in this place the alarms go off and about 20 cooks come crashing through the ceiling and windows like a frigging SWAT team. Or like ninjas in a kung-fu movie. Whichever helps you visualize it better.

The dumplings here are 5 for a dollar and are quite "tasty," as the restaurant's name would lead you to believe. My standby choices are #1, #2 and #16. I forget what's in them but it's usually some kind of pork and either a vegetable like cabbage or chives. A good reviewer would probably know the exact ingredients of the food he/she is reviewing.

I never said I was a good food reviewer critic guy thingy. I think I just said I like to eat.

Another favorite of mine there is the golden pancake which is a lightly fried piece of bread with some scallions on it. For 50 cents you can't go wrong with that thing as it's almost a meal within itself. A tip if going is to order from the items which are ready and warm such as the first few dumplings on the menu. Otherwise you may be standing there for 10 minutes as they don't have all the items hot and ready to go. Vegetable dumplings are 8 for $2 and they are mmmmm Tasty!

Great Jones Cafe - 54 Great Jones St East Village New York City 212-674-9304

I have eaten here twice with my girlfriend and enjoyed it both times. We did brunch there and they have some options not found at most of your typical nyc restaurants. The cuisine has a southern influence and some of the dishes have quite a kick to them (and if that's not enough there is green habenero sauce on the table). I had jambalaya omelet which comes with potatoes and a nice fat biscuit or tasty piece of jalepeno cornbread covered with a bit of honey.

The waitstaff is friendly but a bit slow at times when it gets busy, which is understandable. The overall vibe of the restaurant warrants usage of the word, "vibe," being that it's where the hipsters go to hangout and grab a bite to eat. I don't like their "No Pants No Service" policy but then again I hate it pretty much anywhere I dine. I will definitely be eating there again and looking forward to trying their sweet potato fries and $10 hamburger. Cost of brunch is about 10 bucks including OJ or coffee.


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that you are unable to handle the green habenero sauce.



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