Friday, August 6


First the news. I will hopefully be putting up a real website within the next few weeks so I am pretty psyched about that. It will basically be this blog and some of my photography and other crap. Don't worry I will still be posting new stuff as often as I can until my brain runs dry. And you will only have to pay $9.95 a month to be a member.

just kidding

Now for the reviews. Something I've started doing recently is writing reviews while eating out during lunch everyday. I think I look pretty cool with my classic-speckled-black-covered-writing-book and sweet precise rolling ball pen. I always wish that a waiter would notice and perhaps think I'm a food critic and give me free food but that never happens. Maybe they realize real critics don't wear fanny packs, beer helmets, and shirts that souvenir shop sell which say, "New York City," like I do.

Here are two of my first reviews. Please don't ask me why I do this because there is no real good answer that would leave either you or me satisfied.

Taste Good - 53 Bayard Street Chinatown New York City 212-513-0818

Taste Good is a Malaysian Cuisine restaurant. This was one of my favorite spots before working in Chinatown simply for one dish which is the Roti Telur. This appetizer is an Indian pancake filled with onion, egg, and green chili served with a chicken curry sauce. Their large Shrimp Wanton soup is also delicious. I am going to stay away from the Indian Mee Goreng which has curry squid sauce which I've had but don't love. Most of their currys are good and overall the food is above average. The staff is attentive and friendly and began recognizing me recently as a regular which is always nice. The decor is definately cleaner and more attractive then its neighboring competitors.

Fuleen Seafood Restaurant 11 Division Street Chinatown New York City 212-941-6888

I love when restaurants actually put the word "Restaurant" in their title. Actually I don't love it I think it's pretty dumb but I will look past this little dumdum thing and say that Fuleen has one of the best lunch deals in Chinatown. For 5 dollars you have a choice of at least 30 lunch specials which is far greater than the typical Chinese chicken w/broccoli + white rice + choice of wanton or egg drop slinging flop houses found within this city.

I have yet to been dissapointed there and can recommend the beef curry, chicken curry, chicken with peanuts, and shrimp with hot chili sauce as some great lunch choices. The specials only come with white rice and a bowl of house soup which tastes like something wrung out of a soaking wet gym sock but I find myself still coming close to finishing it each time. Maybe I just like sweaty socks. Is that ok with you?

I assume they are known for their seafood considering the name, and the fact they have tanks with live fish in them. I can say from my choices that the shrimp is good, and the portions are very generous. Almost everytime I'm there I see tables sharing big bowls of clams and snails as appetizers so I assume those items are good and fresh being as they are so popular. I wouldn't eat those things though, just as I wouldn't eat their plate of chicken feet Cantonese style, salted baked duck tongue, or special crispy black jelly fish. Otherwise it's pretty great.


At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: Food critics (legit) never get free food. If a critic suggests that he should be comped, it's an invite for the restaurant management to throw the dude out.

--Amanda Hesser


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