Friday, July 16


Well not really but here is the deal. First, if you received this already via email just ignore because it's basically the same thing I sent to you, with some editing and a bit of extra dialogue. 
If you didn't receive this as an email it means either A) I don't have your email or B) I don't really like you (I would be inclined to go with B if I were you).

If this is your first time on the site I hope you enjoy.. Either scroll through this page or click on the archived dates for previous posts.. And for god sakes put some pants on.

Some kinda cool news on my front:

The Republican National Convention is coming to NYC at the end of this month and I heard that some New Yorkers are trying to rent their apartments out for the week to people who will be visiting the city. I put my apartment up on and didn't get any responses except for one. You can see my ad by clicking here

A woman who is a New York Times reporter emailed me after scanning through craigslist ads and asked if she could do a telephone interview with me because she is running an article in the Times this Sunday. Normally you all know I don't do interviews but I made an exception this time. She is writing an article about this specific thing, people trying to rent their apartments out to republicans coming in..or possibly to protestors who need a place to stay as well. Most apartments are being offered for thousands of dollars and I'm sure they are much nicer and in better areas than mine, but that is why I offered mine up for $600. My thinking was that someone out there might be looking to spend less money. Still no one has emailed me and apparently the few people she spoke with didn't have any luck either.

For some reason she found me, "Quirky" and "Interesting" well I think she said "Interesting," but maybe I just threw that in there. I prefer interesting over quirky. Quirky to me is the guy on the subway this morning who reached into his lunchbag and removed a television remote control which he must have accidentally packed alongside his turkey sandwich while putting together his lunch this morning. He then proceeded to laugh to himself about it for the next 10 minutes while people around him slowly inched away. Oh shit wait, that was me.
Anyway she said the article was going to be based more on me and my apartment, and wanted to meet me and check out my place. We met for the second interview on Wednesday very early in the morning, much earlier than I'm used to waking up. She asked me a bunch of questions, took a lot of notes, and called me later to say that I would be in the article. I demanded a huge picture of my face splashed on the very front page of the Times but she said no. I think I'll let her run it anyway.

I did ask her to mention my website in there and she said she would but who knows. I also don't know if she is going to make fun of me because I mentioned my propensity towards being domestic and she got a kick out of that. So I'm kinda nervous. Anyway it is late and I've written enough now so if you want, try to check it out.

The article should be in the Sunday New York Times but the paper copy is only available if you live in New York City because it's like the local section which is different for each part of the country.

It will be in The City section. It's on the front page and the column is called, "Coping."
Or for those outside NYC try  then find the article under "Coping."

Or,, go to left links, click New York Region then click The City.

The journalists name is Anemona Hartocollis (that's like 155 points in Scrabble)

If you can't find it online or it requires you to setup an account (which I think is still free) I'm sure I will be posting it here on the website  assuming it isn't totally embarrassing.


At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude! That is your 15 minutes. Cool. I can't wait for the "not that there's anything wrong with that" ensuing fallout... ;)


At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just reading the ny times online and ran across the article which mentioned you. I saw the link to your blogspot site and thought I'd say hello. Seeing as I didn't get your email I guess that puts me in group B. Oh well.

Take care,


At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you really made it:

I'm impressed. More comments await, I'm sure.

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you suck. you are voting for nader? then you deserve bush.

At 12:57 PM, Blogger jon said...

Looking for new apartments I saw a post similar to your at this craiglist portland oregon site. Its wild how they are about the same thing!

have a great day!!


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