Monday, June 21


Every time I make a political post I usually end up taking it down in a few hours. In the past I have commented about the horrible things that Ashcroft is doing or trying to do in an attempt to destroy Americans freedoms and rights..or just stupid things that Bush is doing to ruin this country . But I try to keep this site more light hearted and fun so like I said I quickly take it down. Anyway this site was interesting and wanted to share, click here

Something on a more positive note is this I have read so many terrible things about WallMart in the past few years that I hope this is a wake up call to them and possibly to the rest of this country.

Unrelated: If we have learned anything from watching those Dateline shows on tv, it's that if you want to kill a loved one the best way to do it is to feed them just a little poison each day over a long period of time. Not to give them like a huge dose of something all at once.


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