Tuesday, June 15


I'm still working on making friends at my new job. I listen to my ipod rather than play a cd on my computer's stereo. This is mostly due to the woman who sits in the same office as me who once said about my music, "What is that, it sounds like a fax machine."

Thing is, it was a fax machine. Well at least that's what I told her.

So whenever someone walks by I usually have my headphones on and I start softly singing a little bit of whatever type of music I assume they listen to, hoping they will stop for a minute and say hello. When Tie-Die Teddy walks by I'm all like "War HUhhh good god Ya'll what is it good for? Absolutely nuttin!" and when the Diva ladies walk by you hear me singing some Aretha or Barry White.

I'm having trouble with Nancy who works upstairs. I think she's just a lover of bad 80s and 90s pop music kinda girl, so today I was like, "Heading for the 90's living in the wild wild west..WILD WEST HUHH!"

But one thing that always plays well is pretending like it's my birthday as often as possible because everyone gets all excited and happy when you say that. It's like "OHhhh MY Gawwwd that is so great it's your birthday today!! yahhh!" At work we were celebrating a few people who all had a birthday around the same time with a cake. When I walked up to the woman cutting it I said with a humbled hush voice, "I can't believe you knew it was my birthday, I didn't think anyone here knew," and she was like "Uh I don't think we knew it was." and I just said "Oh that's ok. thanks for the cake anyway." She has a good sense of humor though. She laughed when I told her that I really don't know my birthday because my parents refused to ever tell me the real date.

I mean how else would you know unless they told you right? I'm going to give my kids two birthday's a year. But I'll make up for it by giving myself 4 a year and they won't be any the wiser.

stupid kids.


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