Tuesday, June 8


A coworker suggested "Try biting your inner lip," to stay awake during meetings. I was just glad to know that I'm not the only one who struggles with this problem.

Sometimes I turn my head from one side to the other so people can only see one of my eyes. I then shut the eye that they can't see and let it rest. I really don't think that works because I'm not actually sleeping, but for some reason I do it anyway thinking maybe half my brain will get a bit of rest. Another move is the open hand over the forehead while my face is turned down into my notepad. Here it looks as if I'm really concentrating on whatever I've just written down during the meeting.

You know what's on my pad though right? Usually doodles or a badly drawn tree. Other things I draw: eyeballs, hamburgers, flowers, poached eggs, umbrellas, feet.

So yesterday during one of these action packed events I thought I was going to lose it. My eyes felt like they were spinning. I could barely hold up my head. I thought of my coworkers advice to inflict pain upon yourself in order to stay awake, but I didn't bite my inner lip. I don't like having those stringy gums similar to what you get after eating really hot pizza.

Instead I started pulling my arm hairs out. It was kinda crazy even for me. I had both arms underneath the table and leaned forward like I was really getting into the convo. I was just pulling on them one at a time. Once or twice I grabbed a bunch and just yanked them. GOD DAMN it hurt but hey I managed to stay awake.


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I do is stare intently at the person talking, makes them very uncomfortable and they try to end quickly. Or, I outright yawn at afternoon meetings, cause you know its contagious. Once my vp starts, she calls the meeting to an end. Try those.


At 11:22 PM, Blogger abby said...

Take your pinky nail and press down REALLY hard just above the cuticle.. use another finger nail to do this. It is very painful, and will most likely wake you right up.

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or you could try digging your pen into your leg -- this is what I used to do during long boring lectures at college. This is your sister, btw. How come Blogger won't recognize my normal sign in? HUH? HUH? Sheesh.


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