Monday, June 7


Today a coworker caught me talking to my sandwich at lunch. I thought everyone had left the office so I was having a nice leisurely quiet time. I was holding up my turkey and swiss grinder and its not like I was saying anything weird to it. Just kinda holding it up like it was a baby or a cat and telling it how my day was going so far. I was mumbling mid sentence with a full bite in my mouth when I looked up to see Kristen from the HR department gaping full eyed open jawed at me. I tried to speak but all that came out of my mouth was a half chewed piece of tomato and some shredded lettuce.

Another thing I like to do is jab a fork into the little butter packets they give you at The Diner. After poking the holes in them I take the little faux gold wrapped butters and squeeze until it starts to slowly squirt out 4 streams of butter.. I think its funny. So do you. Actually someone will usually say politely, "Could you please stop doing that?" and I usually do, but you know I'm just sitting there wishing I could do it a few more times.


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