Thursday, June 17


I didn't leave my apartment today until 9:15 and got to work a bit past 10 which means I have to be here a bit past 6. ARRRGggHHHH

Getting down to the subway around 9:20, I begin reaching into my back pocket and feel nothing (well nothing cept my sweet ass) and I'm like OH NO forgot my wallet. This is something I rarely do, if ever. I was already really late and knew I would be in trouble if I had to run back home to get it. In trouble meaning late for work but also trouble because it was already uncomfortably hot outside and I knew if I ran back up to my apartment and then ran back down to the subway I would be sweatin like Mary Lou Retton (I thought of that one the other day when I stupidly tried having lunch outside sitting in the bright sun and ended up looking like someone had doused me with a bucket of water).

Think fast! Think fast! I asked the first guy I saw although he didn't speak English, if he would help me out. I didn't want to ask for money so I just pointed to the turnstyle and said, "Can I go in with you?" He looked at me funny but understood my question and just motioned to "come on." So we bunched up together and squeezed through one of those ceiling high turnstyles. Wow that was really nice of him. If we got caught I think we both would have gotten tickets.

I didn't have time to think about that though.. just went for it.

So now I'm at work. Still no moolah, no ATM, nothing. I definitely have to borrow money to get home, but for lunch I just realized I can get delivery using my credit card number since I have it memorized. Oh I also have your credit card number memorized. Maybe I'll just use that, cool?


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