Tuesday, June 15


Right now some jackass is yelling into his cellphone while I am trying to sit here and enjoy my lunch at Tasty Dumpling, home of very tasty dumplings indeed which go into my tummy at least twice a week.

I mean this guy is really yelling. I think he is on the phone with a secretary who obviously screwed something up at work which he says "Is going to get me in a lot of trouble." He is pissed.

But really do I need to sit here and listen to this annoying schmuck scream into his phone while everyone else is either minding their business or having a normal quiet conversation? What did annoying people do before cell phones? How exactly did they showcase their obnoxious personalities to complete strangers before the advent of this portable telephone?

Is it a bad thing when you're sitting at a restaurant and you see the cook at Tasty Dumpling start a hacking cough until an awful sound occurs and you see his eyes go really wide as he leans forward and frantically sticks his hand into an open pot and reaches around as if he is searching for something? Did he just lose a filling? I'm not ordering the sweet and sour soup tomorrow.

I mean I know that in the past it wasn't a good thing when you saw the cook at Tasty Dumpling standing over a big pot with a slow burning cigarette delicately dangling from his lips one minute and after taking a bite of your scallion pancake you look up again to see the cigarette has been ashed, but he doesn't seem to have moved his hands at all..They are still firmly gripping a large oar-like mixing spoon, slowly stirring the pot.

I think I'm going to be sick.


At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got your Tasty Dumpling right here.

-Billy from Seattle


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