Tuesday, July 20


Ok that may be taking it a bit far but you would think now that I'm famous I wouldn't have to take the subway anymore. Wrong!

After getting off at my stop on the subway this morning I realized I was running late so I started to quicken my pace..going from the speedwalk to the half jog to the jog conceive speed walk every 10 paces or so.

I felt a surge of energy. Maybe it was the jogging or the morning caffeine but I felt like just running and running and not stopping like Forrest Gump did (God what a stupid part of the movie that was).

Right then as the invincible feeling was hitting its peak, I tripped over a sleeping homeless man. Stumbling down I must have smacked my head pretty good against the pavement. Head spinning, body aching, I tried to bring myself to my feet. All I could see was a bright streaming glow which poured into my eyes as I held my hand up to block the blinding light.

I saw a man standing there in a white suit with a halo around his head..or was it a hat? I couldn't tell but I did see his outstretched hand offering me something. The object was blurred as I reached out for it..Was he an angel? What was he giving me? Was I dreaming?

No. It was a jelly donut.

He was my corner donut man and boy was he happy to see I wasn't dead. I helped that guy pay for the addition onto his house last year.

Last thing. I saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night finally, and I was really blown away. I encourage anyone to see it who hasn't yet.


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Daniel,

I am keeping the top of the tv warm and keeping the bad people out of our apartment. I am not scratching the furniture. I am being a good kitty. Could you please pick me up a bag of Catnip and some ice cream. Oh and don't get the cheap stuff.


At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I saw a man standing there in a white suit with a halo around his head..or was it a hat?"

Are you sure it wasn't Tom Wolfe?


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