Thursday, July 22


1) I noticed letter T is not given enough credit for being so close to the end of the alphabet. When I think of high up letters I think about the R and the S and of course obvious ones like X and Y, but the T doesn't seem to me that it's as far up as it is. But then sometimes ask myself, "What is better, being at the end or being at the front like the ABC and even the D?" I realized I need to stop asking myself this outloud when I'm eating lunch by myself. I've come to the conclusion that the H and G are in no mans land. They are pretty much worthless.

2) I constantly observe police officers taking leisurely strolls around the city. Is there any other job which allows its employees to just casually walk about for hours on end without actually doing anything? I mean they aren't really working at these times are they? Is that part of the job? I guess it's like when I take time off to check email though.. or write in this blog....uh not that I ever do that at work.


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