Friday, August 13


Sorry I almost fell asleep there. Shouldn't be drinking at work. A good idea is to bring in a bunch of half empty liquor bottles and scatter them around your desk. Don't make it too conspicuous though. Try to partially hide them under some file folders or behind a plant, as an example. Then when someone comes over to your desk and says, "Daniel what is the deal with all the bottles?" Just put your head on your desk in crossed arms and start sobbing quietly and don't answer them. That will give old Gracie in Accounts Payable something to talk about during dinner.

Question? Do all countries say something when you sneeze? Do they do that in Asia? I'd imagine in some countries you get punched in the stomach for sneezing. Thankfully we just say god bless you or as I've recently started saying, "HALLELUJAH!" Remember in school when we were taught that shaking someone's hand in a foreign country can be insulting? I think that's bullshit and it was just a big practical joke that our teachers played on us.


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