Thursday, August 26


I'm writing a 30 minute sitcom right now for a television contest on Bravo. The writers of the two final scripts are flown out to L.A. for 10 weeks while Bravo makes a reality show following the process of taking a script and making it into a tv show. At least that's what I think the whole deal is.

I don't expect to have my script accepted, but one can dream. Right now though I have to say that this is a great learning experience for me. I've never actually sat down and purposefully worked on a creative project like this. Most of my artistic endeavors are done for fun only.

So it is coming along slowly but I think I've written a few good scenes. I've also written a few sucky ones, but that has to be expected. So when it is done I might have a link so people can read it if they feel so inclined.

now for the part you've been waiting for. THE REVIEWS!!!!

New Malaysian Restaurant: 46-48 Bowery Street Chinatown Arcade #28

This place is actually through an alleyway between two streets so it isn't the easiest place to find. If you do manage to find it though I will highly recommend one thing here, the Roti Canai. I've had this a few places but New Malaysian Restaurant (the Old Malaysian restaurant was destroyed during the great curry drought of 88) has this thing down, yeah they do. The Roti Canai is a thin crispy fried pancake served with a chicken curry broth which is so good I asked for a glass of it with a straw. No I didn't. Yes I did. No no really I didn't.

Overall the lunches are fair because I'm not a big fan of weird stuff as you should know by now. For example, the pad Thai has way too many tentacles in it for my liking. I never even realized that was regular ingredient of pad Thai. The soups there are all pretty tasty. Service is friendly and if you're like me you'll be the only white person there, which is O.K. by me. I recently walked out of a chinese restaurant in Chinatown because there were too many tourists there. I was with my friend and he is like, "Dude what's your issue?" I'm like "Too many white people." And then I took him to New Malaysia and he gave it two tentacles up.

Last time I was walking out of this restaurant I read a few reviews, one of which mentioned the special roti canai. This review also pointed out the dish which wins my, "Not in a million years would I eat that," award. Ducks Blood. Apparently the dish contains real congealed ducks blood and the servers warn you that it is real if it's your first time ordering. Gross.

New Green Bo 66 Bayard Street Chinatown, NYC 212-625-2359

new Green Bo is a popular Chinatown restaurant specializing in Dim Sum and dumplings. The vegetable dumplings are fresh, plump, and really tasty. $1.50 gets you a large scallion pancake which is crispy and not soggy so I like that.

The menu is quite large unlike the actual restaurant which is rather small and often requires a wait. Sharing a table here is usually required so be prepared to talk to an elderly couple from Oklahoma about bingo or Abraham Lincoln or some shit like that. It's worth it though. Best name for a dish here is Spicy Eight Jewel. Cool.


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, please tell me that your sitcom is about the trials and tribulations of good-looking people who do nothing, yet can afford huge loft apartments in the village. I've been waiting for a show like that all my life!


P.S. Don't forget the little people when you are relaxing in your hot tub in L.A. :P


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