Wednesday, October 6


Got this email yesterday concering my website:

Congratulations Daniel! Members of United Universists, the global freethought movement, have selected your site as an excellent Faithless Site! The Faithless Site Awards are presented to carefully selected websites that proudly demonstrate secularism, pluralism, empiricism, and eschew religious faith as a valid worldview.

The forces of religion have successfully made "faithless" a dirty word in today's society. We are fighting back. We will wear the badge with pride. Please show your solidarity with the movement to promote faithlessness by placing one of the following buttons on your site:

Notify us when you have done so - United Universists is creating a directory of the web's best Faithless sites.

With Reason,
United Universists

- Not quite sure who tipped them off to my hellbound ways but I do have a few posts up which argue against religion, specifically the catholic church and it's destructive ways. Someone at the United Universists either ran keyword searches and came up with my site, or someone who reads my site may have submitted my link. I don't really know, but there's no real recognition for being an "Excellent Faithless site," not even a small cash prize. Whatever.


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