Thursday, November 18


I Went to Union Square today during my lunch hour and stood in line while Howard Stern came out and preached to the crowd about his new Sirius satellite radio.

We were supposed to get free radios and I guess we kinda did but I felt a bit shafted. He handed out real radios and free 1 year subscriptions to the first 200 people there, and the rest of us got these certificates.

But I believe anyone even if you weren't there can use the certificate. The catch is you have to sign up for a year to get your free home or car radio kit. It says that it's a $150 off but you still gotta pay $142.45 for the year long subscription. I guess it's good if you're certain that you want this thing.

Anyway for anyone who wants one you have till November 24th. Go to:


- enter promotion code 263

- Then select the system you want and enter the certificate number: HS7436 in "referral ID" field

Not sure if I'm going to go for it because I don't like that year long commitment. I don't have a car so that turns me off but I think it might be fun to have at home.


At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use my boyfriend's satelite radio on the internet. It's great, cuz I hear more than the usual 20 songs they play on regular radio.


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