Friday, December 3


If someone has invented a high functioning back scratcher, I haven't discovered it yet. How difficult can this be? I'm guessing you need something that feels more like a person's hand than a curved piece of crappy wood. I want a back scratcher that mimics the human hand and I would be willing to pay good money for it.

WHY is it that you feel compelled to leave the dust covers on your books when they clearly don't look as clean or distinguished as the original hardcover's underneath. Even when they are slightly shredded or torn you still leave them there, a poor memory of what was once a nice crisp book cover. If you're visiting someone and you're glancing at their book shelf and you see a book without a dust cover, you might not say it out loud but you're secretly thinking about it. What happened to the dust cover? I wonder if that book was bought from a tag sale or used or maybe it was torn apart in some wild bizarre book reading frenzy. Yeah I know you're thinking that. You're strange like that.


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