Wednesday, January 5


If you're not familiar with craigslist it's a great tool for people who live in or near a major city. Basically craigslist is a free community of people who buy, sell, and trade things. You can find jobs and apartments and if you're super desperate a date (Yes I went on two using craigslist and they were both pretty awful).

Today I used a move with a van I found using craigslist to finishing moving the last few items out of my old apartment and into my new one. The guy showed up 45 minutes late but apologized profusely and ended up doing a great job.

After loading up my stuff we were driving to my new apartment and talking along the way. Our first conversation happened after asking if I could smoke in his van. He asked me what was I going to be smoking. I told him just a cigarette because that's all I had on me, laughing a little bit just joking around. The first thing he says after that is, "I can deliver a pound to your door if you want." I assume we were now talking about pot and not tobacco.

After driving for a bit he started talking about ladies and said that the old van we were in had gone upstate a few times with ladies and that, "titties be flopping around everywhere." After that convo I made sure that my Purell hand sanitizer was close by. When we unloaded my loveseat I had mentioned that it was just going to be temporarily in my apartment because I'm planning to buy this couch real soon. He mentioned that if I was going to get rid of that couch I should give him a call cause he could put it in the van. He then gave me a wink.

Another interesting story is one I just heard from my girlfriends roommate. Apparently a friend of hers used craigslist to find someone to clean her apartment. This friend doesn't have much money so she tried to find some alternative arrangement. So putting an ad in craigslist seemed like a good idea.

The ad she posted started out looking for someone to clean their apartment for a low price. She received an interesting proposition from a man who wanted to clean the apartment for FREE!

A man showed up to clean the apartment and not only did he do it for free but he actually paid HER 200 bucks and brought a bottle wine!! He was some middle age business guy who must get off on being told what to do. His only request was to be yelled at and basically pushed around. He cleaned the apartment, scrubbed her floors, did all of the laundry and folded it.

He left when he was finished and that was the end of it. Bizarre, truly bizarre.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger Daniel said...

UPDATE: I did buy that couch and it just dropped in price again because it is the old stock color but they are crediting my AMEX with the price difference. It's supposed to be delivered on Jan 12th, Man am I excited! WOOWEEEEE. I now need to find pillows that go with it but not polyester filled ones those are cheap. I'm going to get nice ones!

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude! When did you order that couch? I currently waging war against Crate & Barrel over a similar couch with a similar price-dropping history . . .

At 10:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did your gf's roomate make sure that all her underwear were still in her drawer?

At 2:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does your girlfriend's roommate still have that guy's number?


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