Thursday, May 18


On Mother's day I did what any red blooded American does, I went with my mother to a nude drawing class and drew a naked woman for two hours. This was my first attempt at drawing the naked form and really doing any kind of real life drawing to be honest.. I didn't do that badly I don't think. I got bored after awhile and wandered about outside to take photographs like a child with ADD.

The photo below was my best rendering of the afternoon. My mother liked this one as well. The guy across from me in the picture was some old dude who was doing water colors of the model..Really good stuff though.

my masterpiece

I took a few photographs indoors (not of the model only of the artists drawing her) except for this one guy who said "NO you cannot take my picture." He had a white beard so I called him Old Man Winter. When he went for a bathroom break (becacuse he's old remember) I ran over to his desk with the plan to draw boobies all over his painting, until I realized that we were in fact already drawing boobies..So what fun would that be?

This one wasn't as good..the face kinda looked Picassoesque in a way..well except that it's utter shite!

pablo is that you

And moms.. much better:

moms charcoal 2


At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Evergladesneverfindme said...

I can see why the "model" slut didn't want her photo taken. What a slouchy hog. She needs to get out and do some swimming or something.


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