Thursday, December 1


Well the last post was mocking my lack of ladies skills. But to balance that I will give an example of something that just happened 10 minutes ago.

I was reaching for the elevator doors at work as they were closing. A woman who was already inside hit the button to reopen the doors so I could make it. I thanked her and said, "Well thank you. Consider that your one good deed for today" and smiled.

She said, "I can do much better than that."

I'm still not sure what she meant but she probably wasn't looking for my response which was, "Oh no I'm serious most people don't even have that for one day..I think it was really nice."

It wasn't till I was out of the elevator that I thought oh wait..maybe she was talking bad-dirty-nasty. The way she said it was a bit sly and savvy like.

Or maybe it wasn't. I guess this is another post that shows my lack of ladies skills. so there really was no balancing from this story. Nice.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Bland said...

And what's twisted about this story is that this woman who talked to you bad-dirty-nasty was a nun...


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