Thursday, October 6


Haven't posted in awhile. Been busy with photography moreso than writing of late.

Check out my new slideshow I just reorganized and added some pics to HERE.

Weekend before last I went to Chicago for my best friend's 30th birthday party. Got to fly first class both ways (he works for the airline and gets me buddy passes) so that was pretty smooth, dude.

The party on Saturday night was quite the scene


I managed to bang out about 370 pictures in one day which is a record for me. Of course you don't get many good shots with that high volume but a few came out nice. Here's my boy Nindorf, who's party it was:


I had a really good time. I got really really drunk as well because we did a 2 hour all you can drink for 30 bucks thing. I had a lot of crown and cokes during that time period which made me take shots like this :)

X dance


So last weekend I went apple/peach/pumpkin pickin' with Jordana, my gal. I'm normally not the type to go apple pickin' what with the outdoors and bugs and snot nosed children and all...But we had a really great time. The farm people were quite insistent that you "pay for what you pick" and had signs everywhere saying so:

pay for pick.jpg

At one point Jordana wanted to sit down under some apple trees and just relax but I was nervous. I said "I don't really want to sit on the ground." She said "What's wrong with you? Stop being such a city boy."

I didn't know what was on that ground.

I didn't want to get my jeans dirty.

I ended up sitting down.

I turned my head and about 3 feet away from us was an almost completely decomposed carcass of a deer.

We both immediately got up and ran away but she went back and took a picture of it which I will post tomorrow because I don't have it online right now. To tide you over here's a picture of Jordana and I:

jordana and daniel


At 9:19 AM, Blogger eefers said...

Dude. The ground is clean. Cleaner than, say, a bench in Central Park.

At 11:01 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

LOL... Country girl here and yeah.. I have to agree. The ground IS most likely cleaner even with the rotting carcass and all...I mean do you ride the subway...sit in the seats...touch the poles that a million hands have touched before????

Also pic of you and Jordana= very very cute:) Cuter-riffic actually.


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