Monday, May 9


I have been working on my surprised face when I realize what time it is. I am not usually shocked by the time or have anywhere important to go to but I realize most people do, so I'm trying to learn.

"My god look at the time!" Imagine the shocked look on my face as my eyes bulge and I bring my wrist up and down, shaking my head in disbelief.

Problem is, when you do this you really have to follow it up by quickly leaving the room . I learned that if you just sit back down in your chair and check your email and start whistling the theme to Bonanza, people will think you're nuts. Also it helps to have a watch on the wrist you're bulging your eyes to.

I usually get hit with allergies a few times a year. Today it was soooo bad I had to run out to buy the big box of puffs plus and used at least half of it. Eventually I had to buy some Claritan D as well. At one point there was basically water running out of my nose, I couldn't stop it. It wasn't so disgusting though because it was clear and not the consistency of snot. Literally looked like water even when a drop hit the floor. I let that happen for fun.

It was like my nose was crying. What made you cry nose? a sad smell perhaps?


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