Thursday, May 26


I had a good idea a few years ago that would make for a good tv clip. I wanted to set up a situation where I hired someone dressed in a huge Barney costume to come to a party I would be at. Barney would be walking into the party and I would mutter something about not liking clowns and get this real psychotic look in my eye. I would then run over and start attacking the guy dressed up by Barney.

The guy would be in on it. I would plan the entire thing out beforehand. We would go over the routine a wrestler does. He would be fighting back and getting in some good punches.

I guess the only glitch would be if someone tried to intervene and break us up. But I would insist we go onto the front yard to finish it, and of course the guy would say something like, "Yeah man I'm going to finish what you started."

Try to visualize it and remember that he would be keeping the head of the costume on the entire time.

We would go onto the front yard and start beating the crap out of each other. A real fight.

Oh and I forgot to mention I would be on a first date with some girl who thought I was totally normal up to this point.

Did I say I had a good idea a few years ago. Maybe this wasn't it.

You know you're up too late when you hear the words, "The following is a paid advertisement by blah blah blah."



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