Wednesday, July 27


First off, the foot is not totally healed and I didn't help it by stupidly running off to Connecticut for a BBQ Friday and then a bachelor party in Atlantic City Saturday night. To top it off Sunday I went to an all day rooftop party at a friend's place down the block when I got home. Jesus coated cornflakes that is a long weekend. Stitches will hopefully be coming out Thursday (there were 5 of them for all those who asked). I've been taking it easy this week trying to fix myself up.

All said it was a better weekend than last.

Friday night Pete started the bachelor party with some fancy BBQ. Ribs with a delicious dry citrus mixture rub followed by filet mignon with a gorgonzola sauce and baby red potatoes with fresh rosemary from his garden..dang loc that don't go with 40s.

since 4th grade
Me and my boy Ryan

scott at night
Gotta get a little artistic even at a BBQ right?

Moving on to Saturday. Atlantic City, home of karaoke hookup bars, mediocre cuisine, and dirty strip clubs. It was a good time.

Bobby C
Bobby chillin with a Tecate at the hotel (click this photo to view my flickr account if you're interested in how I got the color in the can).

the crew
The crew at the end of the trip. Bachelor Boy was second to left, next to me.

Back home on Sunday after another long ass drive. Thanks for driving V! The one from CT to AC took 5 freaking hours. Note to everyone: DO NOT travel on the Garden State Parkway on a beautiful sunny Saturday in the summer.

Fun times and good food again, thanks Kris.

chillin by the pool
Rooftop Party

laura and daniel shadow
Rooftop shadows

bobbing for bacteria
I titled this Bobbing for bacteria. Vin decided to first jump into the kiddie pool and later fish out the spilled sangria fruit with his face. This pool was sitting on the rooftop in the sun for several hours. But the best part is everyone had their dirty feet sitting in the pool after walking around on the roof all day.

Well, everyone's feet were in the pool cept mine of course. The stitches remember! Oh and even if I didn't have an injured toe I still wouldn't have put my feet in that filthy, parasitic-bacteria-ridden water..Come on you all know me better than that.


At 1:48 AM, Blogger Tony Grant said...


At 10:40 AM, Blogger PiggyReese said...

I am with you that pool was so nasty. Thanks again for taking such great photo's!

At 11:49 AM, Blogger ms. jared said...

sweet limpin' jesus, you make pretty pictures! i like the colorful rooftop one and the rooftop shadow ones the best.

xoxo, jared

At 3:16 PM, Blogger eefers said...

That pool was nasty! BUt I'm so glad it was there. The pics were great, too.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Tracy said...

Did someone say gorgonzola sauce? Um YUM!

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